Gartxot Arregi ( Andoain 1977 )

In my childhood I attended to some classes at the Taller Creativo (creative workshop) in my hometown, Andoain. This experience aroused my artistic interest.
Being self-taught in photography I have always kept my relationship with this resource as a hobby. I have always been very interested in showing the everyday issues in my environment and beyond, never losing my point of view.
As I deepen in my photographic works I find it necessary to acquire more specific technical knowledge on this subject in order to optimize my projects.
I have spent the last few years increasing my knowledge in photography at the Grisart (Barcelona) school of photography, also by attending to several photography workshops at CFD (Barcelona) and with the Positivo-Directo (Barcelona) group.
In recent years my interest by the intervention of public space has led me to perform several works on this subject. At the same time, I am presenting my project exposure of Ways to make a living, which for me is the possibility of play with the space.